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  • CET Academic Programs 台灣中心主任

  • 北美台灣研究學會理事

  • 前臺灣大學公共衛生學院全球衛生學程專案助理教授

  • 德州大學奧斯丁分校傳播研究博士

  • 德州理工大學應用語言學碩士

  • ​俄亥俄州立大學東亞研究夏季學程

  • 國立中山大學外國語文學系學士

  • ​華盛頓大學比較文學系交換學生

Dr. JhuCin Rita Jhang 

  • CET Academic Programs, Taiwan Program Director

  • Board member of the North American Taiwan Studies Association

  • Former Project Assistant Professor at Global Health Program, School of Public Health, National Taiwan University 

  • Ph.D. in Communication Studies, The University of Texas at Austin  

  • M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Texas Tech University 

  • ​Summer Programs in East Asian Concentration, Ohio State University

  • B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-Sen University

  • ​Exchange Student, Comparative Literature, University of Washington




​取得博士學位後加入了綠黨,希望近身參與社會改革,參選 2020 立法委員(所以現在是一個立委落選人),選後擔任綠黨秘書長,經驗到了過去沒有機會看見的社會向度,大大地磨練了心智,也啟發了許多新的學術、倡議、自省的想像。

在 2021 年秋天加入了台大公衛學院全球衛生學程,擔任專案助理教授,希望可以關注公共衛生與健康裡面的「語言/文字/符號、人/關係/傳播/性別,以及社會/文化/政治等因素」,並且協助學生的社會參與和倡議。​




​我開始擔任 CET Academic Programs 的台灣中心主任了。心智還像個屁孩,突然就變成了主任,正在帶著尚可控制的冒牌者症候群探索新職涯,希望成為優良的學術進口商,讓更多美國學生來到台灣,認識台灣,看見我們是如何愛我們的國家,也希望我們的國家好好地愛這些學生,讓他們在這裡生根。


Growing up in Guanyin, Taoyuan, and Gongguan, Miaoli, I'm a country girl learning the big city life in Taipei. There's some Texas in me and also some Kaohsiung. ​

Language has always fascinated me. In my college years, I explored the world through literature, then I learned the art of teaching languages (mainly English and, for a short while, Mandarin), and later I started studying the dynamics of language/text/symbols in human relationships in my Ph.D. 

I have been lucky to volunteer at Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association for over a decade. This is the space for me to practice living in peace with the world and myself. My dissertation is only possible because of Hotline. 

Hoping to be at the frontline of social change, I joined Green Party Taiwan right after finishing my Ph.D., ran for the legislative seats (unsuccessfully), and stayed to serve as the secretary-general until May 2021. This journey has been fruitful, oftentimes in very unexpected ways. I'm thankful for it. 

I joined the Global Health Program of the College of Public Health at National Taiwan University as a project Assistant Professor in August 2021. I want to research the human and language side of things of public health, as well as advocacy and social movements.

No matter what the future holds, I'm excited. 

Update on February 1, 2024. 

I'm starting my job at CET Academic Programs as the CET Taiwan Program Director. It is a big jump for me, mostly because I still feel like a kid. I will strive to be a good program director and take care of the students who come to Taiwan, show them how we love our country, and hopefully, Taiwan will love them well and create room for them to stay. 

All good things to come. 


The 2024 updated version

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Sneak peek of what Rita does:

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President-ing at NATSA 2022

We rocked at NATSA 2022!

台灣同志諮詢熱線 2020 感恩會

代表綠黨至亞太青年綠人演講 2021

張竹芩綠黨秘書長出席同志家庭權益促進會 2020

UT Austin VAV 2019

NATSA 2019 合照

張竹芩 綠黨秘書長 2020/4/1-2021/5/31

NATSA 2019 海報 張竹芩設計

Z色派對 Ep.3

Rita presented at 2017 NCA

張竹芩 2020 熱線校園演講

臭豆腐狂想曲 2015 SWSX 台灣之夜

張竹芩 as 鄧惠文醫師《今晚好好說》來賓 2019

張竹芩 UT Tower 前博士畢業照 2019

#UT_Crew 2019 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

Rita talked at the Honki LGBTQ workshop 2016

UT Austin VAV, 2019

張竹芩插畫 《土狗仔毋食水》2018

張竹芩碩士畢業照 Texas Tech U

張竹芩 2015 中華傳播學會年會

Austin Mural, timeless

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